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Chick Music 
240 West Clayton Street
         Athens, GA 30601
Serving Athens & Northeast GA since 1942
   706 546-8742 

Chick Music Instrument Leasing

"Lease To Learn"

We offer instrument leases to suit your needs for affordability, flexibility, and convenience. Our lease is month-to-month, but also lease-to-own. 
That means you only pay for the months you have the instrument (you can return it any point during the lease), but if you pay thru the full term
of the lease, you own the instrument.


Other customer friendly options include...

-30% discount on early payoff (for paid current lessees only)

-9 month Trade-In Credit (up to 9 months credit toward another instrument, should your child switch, or towards a step-up instrument)

-Maintenance plan included on all instruments

-In store service.


We service many schools in the Northeast Georgia area, and our road rep travels to those schools on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, for service, pickup & delivery. If your child attends one of those schools, your lease gives you access at this at-school service.


We carry new and previously-leased instruments from reputable manufacturers, all shop-tested, cleaned, adjusted, and sanitized prior to landing in your hands.

Scroll down for answers to frequently asked questions

To apply online, visit our rental contract application page.


1. BILLING: Our preferred method of billing is automatic credit card debit each month.
If this service is selected, renewal fees are drafted according to your monthly due date.
If you do not select automatic debit, you assume responsibility to make payments on time without notice from Chick Music. Renewal fees are not contingent on practice or lesson schedules or time in our repair shop.
We do NOT send monthly statements.

2. DEFAULT: If you fail to make a renewal payment within 30 days of the due date, or if you fail to observe any other terms in this agreement, all of which are material, you will be in default and this agreement terminates.
If you default Chick Music will be entitled to all legal remedies, including repossession of the instrument.
You must pay for any damages as well as all costs of collection, including repossession and collection fees plus attorney's fees and court costs as permitted. Upon default, all of your lease credit if any, will be void, and you will be liable for any amounts due us and the immediate return of the instrument.

3. TERMINATION: You retain the right to terminate this agreement at any time by returning the instrument to
Chick Music. If returned and payments are current, the agreement will be canceled.
You will be billed for all back renewal payments and late fees plus any missing parts and damages.

A) Bring it to our store. B) Ship it to our store INSURED. C) Make arrangements to leave the instrument with the band director at the school. You MUST notify us within 24 hours of leaving the instrument with the director.


5. TITLE TO THE INSTRUMENT: Chick Music owns the instrument until you complete all renewal fees and other payments required under this agreement or exercise your early purchase option. If you declare bankruptcy, Chick Music retains the title, and the instrument must be returned to us immediately.

6. MAINTENANCE: Chick Music provides maintenance on all band and orchestra leases.
We will provide parts and labor necessary to maintain the instrument in proper playing condition.
If the instrument is damaged, we will repair the instrument at no charge, waiving our normal repair charge and return it to proper playing condition. Damage coverage does not include: damage caused by willful act of malicious intent, negligence or abuse, cosmetic finishes, cases, reeds, swabs, drum sticks, percussion mallets, drum heads, rosin, strings or neck straps. Maintenance is void if the contract is in default. Defacing the instrument and/or instrument case will require the lessee to compensate Chick Music for the cost of the necessary replacement parts and labor. All repairs & adjustments must be made by an authorized Chick Music technician. The maintenance coverage is void if a non-Chick Music technician does any adjustment to the instrument or if the contract is in default.

7. STOLEN INSTRUMENT: If the instrument was in a locked band room, you pay 1/2 of the balance owed. It must be reported to the police & band director immediately. Chick Music must be notified and provided with a police report within
48 hours. Void if contract is in default. If the instrument is stolen from somewhere other than a locked band room,
lessee is responsible for the entire balance. Chick Music recommends the instrument be added to a renter's or homeowner's insurance policy.

8. EARLY PURCHASE OPTION: If contract is paid in full BEFORE the end of the contract, a 30% discount will be applied towards the remaining balance.

9. EXCHANGE: Lessee may exchange for a different lease instrument during first 9 months with full lease credit
(Except Taxes & Maintenance coverage). Up to 9 months of renewal payments can be applied towards a step-up instrument.

10. LATE FEE: $10.00 on payments not received within 10 days after due date.

11. RETURNED CHECKS will be automatically incur a $25.00 NSF fee.


What is your COVID19 operating procedure?

Chick Music is open for business with reduced hours; however, our teaching facility is currently closed until further notice. Conditions permitting, we hope to resume private lessons later this fall.

The Athens Clarke County government is requiring face masks to enter businesses.To minimize wait times and comply with social distancing requirements, we are asking customers to call or use our website to schedule band registration applications and instrument repairs. If you prefer to handle registration in person, you are welcome to visit our store any time Monday through Saturday between 11 am to 5 pm.
For more information, call: 706-546-8742 or 706-543-4348.

What are my rental options?

Chick Music offers a flexible lease-purchase program called “Lease To Learn”. This popular program includes a monthly recurring fee to buy a new or used rental instrument over time. The cost includes a maintenance protection plan with customer service perks for customers who have a credit score of 600 or above.

Customers who have a credit score of 575 to 599 are required to pay $150 security deposit in order to qualify for this lease-purchase option. Lease To Learn is not available to customers who have a credit score under 575; however, a school-year rental may be available on a limited first-come-first-served basis.

We carry new and previously-leased instruments from reputable manufacturers that are shop-tested, cleaned, adjusted, sanitized and ready to use. 

What are your rental prices?

We will contact you as soon as possible to answer specific questions about instrument availability, pricing, delivery, and contract registration matters concerning payment authorizations, flexible due dates, and finalizing orders.

Instrument prices vary depending on brand preferences, your instrument of choice, and whether you want
a new or used instrument. 

Are credit checks required?

Yes, credit checks are required for all new accounts; however, existing customers who have an existing
Chick Music account in good standing are not required to have another credit check. If you prefer not to have us check your credit, you may come to our store during business hours and show us your credit score on your phone.

What documents to you require?

In order to process your rental application, we must receive a signed and completed application with a scanned color copy of your driver’s license. The contract name and signature must match the requested applicant’s ID and SSN and shall only be initiated and signed by the individual named. The application cannot be submitted in another person’s name or in a minor child’s name or SSN. The person filling out the contract assumes responsibility for the lease purchase agreement, and all information must be the applicant's information.

May I omit my SSN from the rental application for security purposes?

Omitting your SSN for security purposes will delay your application; however, you may apply in our store during posted business hours should you prefer not to use our secure online form. Customers may relay any sensitive information in person or by mail or phone. 

How do I access your application form?

Click this link to download our Chick Music rental application.
This application maybe downloaded, printed, and returned to us in person or by email or mail.
We highly recommend a useful PDF tool called SmallPDF for eSignatures and compiling attachments.

Mail to:
           Chick Music
           240 West Clayton Street
           Athens, GA, 30601

Where are you located?

Chick Music is located at 240 West Clayton Street between Pulaski and Hull Streets in downtown Athens, Georgia.
Parking is available on metered streets and in the Washington Street parking deck. Should you choose to use the Washington Street parking deck, the only entrance is on the Washington Street side.
We do offer curbside service, so please call 706-546-8742 or 706-543-4348 when close.

When will instruments be delivered?

Chick Music's delivery service is only available to schools that we service. Instruments are delivered to schools we service on dates specified by the band director. We service Oconee Middle, Lake Oconee Academy,
Malcom Bridge Middle, Prince Avenue Christian School, East Jackson Middle, West Jackson Middle, Coile Middle, Oglethorpe County Middle, and White County Middle.

If your child's school is not listed, please call 706-546-8742 or 706-543-4348.

What Does Your Rental Program Cost?

Brand new instruments have never been rented. They are shop inspected and ready to play. 

Number of months vary depending on the chosen manufacturer's instrument price.

price includes: maintenance and tax

Newer condition with fewer rentals + minor cosmetic wear -- shop tested and sanitized. 

Number of months vary depending on the chosen manufacturer's instrument price.

price includes: maintenance and tax

These used instruments are older and show cosmetic wear.  shop tested and sanitized. 

Number of months vary depending on the chosen manufacturer's instrument price.

price includes: maintenance and tax

240 West Clayton Street
         Athens, GA 30601
Chick Music 

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