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Instrument Repairs

Chick Music has NAPBIRT certified technicians and offers full-service repair in house for brass, woodwind, and stringed instruments.
We charge reasonable prices for quality work returned in a reasonable time frame. Ask about our maintenance plans and service options

when you call or come in for a FREE estimate. 

Brass Instruments

chem-cleans, dent work,
slide alignments, body & bracing,
stuck  mouthpieces,
and much more.

Woodwind Instruments

repads, body & key oiling,
key alignment, cork replacement, and much more.

Stringed Instruments



Instrument Leasing

"Lease To Learn"

We offer instrument leases to suit your needs for affordability, flexibility, and convenience.  Our lease is month-to-month, but also lease-to-own.  That means you only pay for the months you have the instrument (you can return it any point during the lease), but if you pay thru the full term of the lease, you own the instrument.


Other customer friendly options include...

-30% discount on early payoff (for paid current lessees only)

-9 month Trade-In Credit (up to 9 months credit toward another instrument, should your child switch, or towards a step-up instrument)

-Maintenance plan included on all instruments

-In store service.


We service many schools in the Northeast Georgia area, and our road rep travels to those schools on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, for service, pickup & delivery.  If your child attends one of those schools, your lease gives you access at this at-school service.


We carry new and previously-leased instruments from reputable manufacturers, all shop-tested, cleaned, adjusted, and sanitized prior to landing in your hands.


For more information, contact us HERE


For more information about repairs, click HERE

240 West Clayton Street
         Athens, GA 30601
 706 546-8742 

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Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Closed on Sundays